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Sikhya classes has played a pioneering role in promoting our culture across the world. Learning mother tongue is the most important way of keeping our culture alive. Our main focus is to teach Punjabi and Hindi language so that our future generations who live in foreign countries will stay connected to our culture and roots. We also offers personality development sessions, interactive sessions for boosting up their confidence level, vocabulary drills and enhance the overall knowledge.

Sikhya classes takes an adaptive approach to teaching according to the student’s interests, learning style, and language learning goals.  While Sikhya classes has designed a curriculum for its classes that will be effective for the widest number of students, the pace, scheduling, and different topics covered are entirely flexible to meet the individual student’s needs.

Education quality is our aim with the best faculty who are well versed in the Punjabi and hindi literature and have undergone extensive training to teach with flexibility of time and affordable fee structure.

Our classes will have different categories based on student’s knowledge and their learning capabilities. All the courses are thoughtfully designed to help our students an overall proficiency in Punjabi language based on individual abilities.

We feel so proud to teach the great history of India which is well known around the world.As India is one of the oldest civilisations having a multicoloured variety of cultural heritage. Every state has its own glorious history like in Punjab the main topics we will covered are the founders of Punjab, the role of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Punjab under Mughal and British empire, Massacre of Amritsar, the origin of Sikhs community and the history of all Sikh Gurus. Also, Rajasthan is famous for many brave kings, theirs deeds, sacrifices, art and architecture. Students also arouse interest and have shown an intense liking for exploring the wide dimensions of Indian history.